Essential Tips for Planning a Trip to Cuba


Cuba is by and large one   of the greatest of   the well known tourist destinations open to tourists from all over, even the United States.  But all in all, as you plan for a tour of Cuba, there are some basic and fundamental facts that you need to know of as a tourist.  With these tips, you can be sure that your travel and tours of Cuba will be as memorable and great as you wish them to be.Read on havana cruise excursions

First of all, you need to know of the fact of the currencies in use for transactions in Cuba.  Cuba has two kinds of currency.  The currencies are the CUP and he CUC.  The CUP is generally the local currency used by the Cubans for their business and daily trades and the CUP is that other currency that is linked to the American dollar and is the one that is mean to be used by the tourists.  As such as a tourist you need to make sure that all your transactions are in the CUC currency and for any change, ensure that they are in CUC as well.  If you are going to Cuba, be aware of the fact that you will not be able to use credit and debit cards from the US based banks.  By and large, this even applies to the credit and debit cards from other banks not based in the US as there are not many of the places that accept credit cards and debit cards.  As such you will have to carry all your money in cash.

Getting around Havana is the other aspect of your travel to Cuba that you have to learn of.  By and large, cars seem to be a rarity in Cuba in relation to the population there is in it.  Cars are such a precious commodity and as such when it comes to travel needs, you need to be ready to spend fair enough sums.  Thus it may be wise of you to consider making early arrangements in this regard and for this probably consider making early bookings with your hotel or casa service for this.  If you are planning to leave Havana, tour outside of Havana, then there are some options that you may have before you.  Such are such as that of renting a car, hiring a private car, taking a taxi collectivo service, or buy a ticket for an all inclusive tour.  Or better still get on a tourist-only Viazul bus. Also read on VC Tours Havana

Looking at food and drinks while in Cuba, you can choose to go for the private eateries or even the government restaurants.  But generally, it has been noted that a number of the tourists have had the opinion of going for the private eateries instead. View